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Joyeax Noel!

Christmas Menu:

Sweet Items:

Chocolate Profiteroles

~ £4.00 for 6


~ Regular £3.00 / Large £10.00

Mulled Wine Iced Victoria Sponge

~ £8.50 (Approx. 6 portions) 

Tourte de Pommes (Mulled Cider Apple Pie) 

~ Large £10.00


~ Regular £3.00 / Large £10.00

Bûche de Noël (Christmas log) 

~ Vanilla, Coffee or Chocolate flavour 



~ Individual £4.00 / Large £15.00

Pecan Pie, American Style 

~ Individual £3.50 / Large £15.00


Dinde de Noël (Traditional Roast Turkey) 

~ With Chestnut Stuffing, Potatoes and Vegetables 



~ for £9.00 per Person

Turkey, Sage and Onion Pie 

~ £6.50

Butternut Squash, Caramelised Onion,

Blue Cheese and Walnut Pithiviers 



~ £6.00

Cochon de Toulouse

(Pigs in Blankets, Sausage Roll) 

Toulouse Sausage, Wrapped in Bacon and Baked in a Soft Brioche Dough




~ £5.00



We apologise that many of our products have to contain Gluten and Dairy ingredients.

Some items may also contain Nuts (or Nut derivatives)

We do not use genetically modified (GM) ingredients in any products. 

Please feel free to request our ingredients list for any of our items or email us with your specific dietary requirements.

Autres Services!

(Prices on Request, as all these services can be tailored to your personal needs).

Personal Chef (Service at home)

Dinner Parties

Canapes Events

Buffet Events  

Christmas Party Menu's

Other Special Requests

Ask us if we can cater for your needs.

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